How to Teach Your Self Programming (My Experience) .

How to Teach Your Self Programming .
Learn Programming 

if you a person who interest in IT and Technology stuff you must hear about programming .

1-Are programming really difficult ?  : 

if you just start programming you must hear or read that programming so hard , but for me learning a computer programming language is like learning anything else it will be easier for some people, and more difficult for others. Whether or not programming is hard for you depends as much on your personality as your computer skills.

2-How to start programming ? 

first you need to know what you want from programming for chose the language to start with , there is 3 fields you must choose between them one : 

1-Web Development :

is a kind of programming who specializes in the development of website application there is 2 types of Web Development :

          1- Front-End : is the interface that the client will use to interact with the website . we use                          language HTML, CSS, JAVASCRIPT ... we call who work in Front-End Web Designer .

         2- Back-End : The back-end, or the "server-side", is basically how the site works, updates and changes. This refers to everything the user can't see in the browser,  like databases and servers. Usually people who work on the back-end are called programmers or developers. Back-end developers are mostly worried about things like security, structure and content  management. we use some language like PHP , Django , Ruby on Rails , C# ...

        2- Application Mobile Development :

Application Mobile Development
Application Mobile Development 

is type of programming that help us to Develop IOS and Android application like games , chat app ... we use some language like For :
  • IOS : Swift , PythonObjective-C , C++ , C#
  • Android :  JAVA , Python , C# , Kotlin , C++ 

      3- Desktop application  Development : 

Desktop application  Development
Desktop application  Development

is type of programming that help us to Develop Linux , Unix , Windows Application we can use some language like : C# , JAVA , C++ , C ,Python ...

HINT : There is Other fields that you can use programming in  like AI , Hacking , Networking  ...

3-Where to learn and how ?

Where to learn and how ?
Where to learn and how ?

Here we are in the confusing part of this article :

      like every body said the INTERNET make the word like a small tow for information and learning with free way :
  • Use social media groups : in some social media groups like Facebook you can find a real programmers and Engineers .
  • Search for trust courses in Youtube : Youtube is the best way i recommend for you to learn any think in future articles we will recommend for you some channels that will help you 
  • Books : The books is the second think you should take after Youtube course because books can cover all think in what ever you want , we will recommend best books to learn programming or Linux ... 
  • Use Google :  when you will dive into programming you will find a lot of problems (every  programmer pass from this way ) so try to search  by you self in some site like Stack Overflow . 
  • Read the others source code : when you take the basic of a programming language try to read to source cod's and try to make like them you find a free source code in Github . 

Finley i want to say programming need to fight with problems and you must know that every problems  not just wast of time is help you to grow your skills in fighting 

we will take in future article some free courses and books to make your skill grow up 

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