What is Operating System ? (First Step)

Fist Step in OS World :)

Hello guy's this i my first blog i will start in this website to make couses and some stuff to make you IT life more easy 

1-What is Operating system (OS) ?

  Operating system is a software who help us to manage our hardware like HDD and CPU and RAM and all the component of Motherboard  .
this definition can be really helper in the past but now the mane use of the Operating System is  managing work space and managing data and other stuff you will be able to know if you keep going
with us .

There is 3 really known operating system :

  • Windows OS
  • UNIX (Mac OS)
  •  Linux Os

in this our site we will talk just about Linux and some small stuff on Windows

in the Next Blog we Will Dive more on Operating System , Just Stay with us in Free Tech

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