What is a Network ? (First Step in Networking)

What is a Network ?

in every day's of our life we must be use the INTERNET but how you can see what in india or USA ..
just by using a phone or laptop and you setting in your place .
we can explain that by a simple Example : 

        -Let say we have 2 Laptop's (don't matter the OS) and we want this 2 host to talk with each other (Yep , the Host's can talk with each other Like hummen but more complicated method ) , we can use a hub or switch or directly cable connection and a small configuration in the tow devices and yep here we have a small INTERNET

Per-2-Per Network

we can do all the stuff : 
  • Sharing File's 
  • Sending Email's
  • playing games 
but all this stuff just in the LAN (LOCAL AREA NETWORK) just the tow host who can to this stuff
if we want to add more devices to the network we must use something to help us :
  • HUB
we will take dive into the difference between this two devices

but how this LAN devices can go and talk with different devices in other networks , we must use another devices call ROUTER , who is the responsible of chose the best way for Packet or any data 

we will Take a dive into this device in the Future 

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