1- Beginner way in Linux :

How To Learn Linux OS (Best Tips) :

I- Beginner way in Linux :

this article is for beginner Linux users that want to get into this world , and for users that want use Linux as primary OS . For peoples that want to use Linux as Server (WWW,SMTP,DHCP,Firewall...) . we will make another article with title of  "2- Advanced way in Linux" .

1- choose you distribution :

choose your Distribution

First of all you need to choose your Linux  Distribution  , i recommend this website he will help you to choose your Linux Distribution by asking you some few question for a useful Linux os for you work , The website Distrochooser  . For me i recommend you The Ubuntu or Linux Mint OS 

2- Learn how to handle file and Directories : 

Learn How to handle file and Directories 
Try to Learn  Working with the File System Hierarchy Like in image above then  try to learn the Relative and Absolute path . and learn some command for make and delete and move/copy  Directories and Files , in our website we will cover all this . 
Summary :   
                    1- Learn  Working with the File System Hierarchy
                     2- try to learn the Relative and Absolute path
                     3-  learn some CMD for make and delete and move/copy  Directories and Files like 
                     4- learn how to work with hard and symbolic Links 

Some command you will use in this chapter : cd | mkdir | ls | ln | mv | cp | rm | rmdir

3- Learn how to ask for help in Linux : 

Learn how to ask for help in Linux : 

One of the most important things that you will need inside of millions of command and options is help , because every command have at least 6 option it impossible to remember all this option so you need to ask for this option . let say you want the options of ls command   :

4 - Learn How Handling text input and output : 

Handling The Output ( > ) and Input ( < )  and Errors ( 2> ) and Piping ( | ) in Linux is the important think do you must Learn in your First steps in Linux  .

5 - Learn Wildcard and Regular expression :  

Learn Wildcard and Regex

wildcard and Regex will help you search patterns , For example i want to delete all files that start with 'A'  :


 an other example with Regex with more complex method and more specify , Let search in a file all world that start with 'F' and end with a number :
Regular Expression

You will use wildcard and Regex in command like : sed | grep | find | awk ...

6 - Learn Some searching and sorting command : 

you need to learn some tool to manipulate Files and to search files and Directories  in Linux .

like  :  Find : For searching Files and Directories 
           Sort  : For sorting text in Files
           grep  : For search in Files 
           awk   : Like grep 
           uniq  : Delete repeated  Lines and word


1-For choose you distribution : distrochooser.de
2-Learn how to handle file and Directories : 

3-Learn how to ask for help in Linux : Basics of Getting Help in Linux
4-Learn how to Handling output and input and piping  in Linus : Redirection in Linux , pipes
5-Learn wildcard and Regular Expression : wildcard , Regular Expression 
6-Learn Some searching command : Find , Grep , Sort , uniq
we will cover all this think in our website please if you get some useful idea share this blog with your Friends and Family

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