How To Study The CCNA r&s - best source :

How To Study The CCNA r&s - Top 5 source : 
If you want to go deep in IT you must hear o read in some place that you should start with networking Certification , there are many Networking  Certification But Cisco Certification is one of the best because you must find at least 2 Devices of CISCO in a Company bigger or smaller one ... 

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What is a Network ? (First Step in Networking)


Free Cisco Certified Network Associate 

This Website Provide for you a huge information guide to CCNA R&S , He will take you in deep in every Lesson , after study all the 165  Chapters you will be able to config VLAN's and Config Routing Protocols and make some Security in your Network and some IPV6 skills .
For Go to this Website Please Click Here : omnisecu

2-CCNA R&S Complete Study Guide Exam : 

CCNA R&S Complete Study Guide Exam : 

This Books is one of my best CCNA Books he cover all topic of  the CCNA exam  , in this book you will learn The Theory of Networking with more practice In a detailed manner .
For Download it pleas click Here : CCNA BOOK

  • Some Arabic Youtube Channels For Learning :

1-Abeer Hosni 

2-DebugZ Solutions

  • English Network + Cours Maybe Help You For understanding well the Networking :

1-Mike Meyers : is a good Trainer he combine the fun with the complicated for the best understanding 

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