Basic Cisco Routers and Switches configuration :

Basic Cisco Router & Switches config :
Basic Cisco Router & Switches config : 
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if your company just buyed a Cisco Router or Switch the First think you must do is to Make some Basic Configuration Like  :
  • Device Hostname
  • Device Banner
  • Device Password
  • Enable Encryption
  • Disable Annoying Message 
  • Disable DNS lookup

1-add Device Hostname : 

in Global mode write this command : #hostname yourname

2-Device Banner : 

what is a Banner ? a Banner is when your router boot he show a welcome message or any message you write for users
in global config mode write : 
Freetechways(config)#banner motd "WELCOME TO FREETECHWAYS"

if we exit and try to login : 

3-Device Password : 

there is 2 types of Cisco devices Password : clear text password and Encrypted password

1-For add clear text password write : Freetechways(config)#enable password Freetech2019
2-For add Encrypted Password write : Freetechways(config)#enable secret Freetechpass

For encrypt all password just write in the global Mode : 

5-Disable Annoying message: 

when you work in you message you will see some annoying message when you write your command :

5-Disable Dns Lookup : 

when execute a wrong command he go to search for this wrong command in a extended server , but we don't have one and that will be So annoying so for Disabe it just write this commad :

there is more Basic configuration Like Telnet,SSH,Timeout,interface ... will cover all this thinks in our website Freetechways Just Flow us 

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