Best phishing tool in Kali Linux :

Best phishing tool in Kali Linux :
Best phishing tool in Kali Linux :
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Some time you really need to use old method Like phishing , but what are the useful tools that you need for this work in this article we will talk about HIDDENEYE

This tool was developed by Darksec team they name them self "A team of Newbie hackers"  ,  and this tool was developed in Python3 and PHP . provide for you many fake web pages for 35 big websites Like Facebook , Instagram , Twitter , Google , Github , Reddit ....

How to use HIDDENEYE ?

command used in the video :
  • 1-download the tool : git clone
  • 2-change dir : cd HiddenEye
  • 3-download requirements.txt : pip install -r requirements.txt
  • 4-download wget : pip3 install wget
  • 5-Run the tool : python3

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  1. Sir, you have to remember that will never let you down. We are a team of professional experts!

  2. Hidden eye was the only tool that used to work perfectly now its disabled in github repo if someone knows its owner pls tell him to somehow enable it its really great tool