Facebook start her new app in USA

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Facebook has launched Facebook Dating, a free dating app, in the United States. Soon available in France, the service aims to compete with platforms like Tinder. Very different, Dating allows its users to declare their love to a stranger with a simple message. The service also features a feature called "Secret Crush" to find out if any of your friends on Facebook or Instagram is secretly cracking on you.

Through a statement on its official website, Facebook has announced the deployment of Facebook Dating in the United States. Already in testing in some countries, including Canada and Thailand, the service allows Facebook members to create a dating profile directly in the app. This is a completely separate profile from your current Facebook account. Not surprisingly, you must be over 18 to create a profile.

Once the profile is created, Facebook will suggest potential partners based on "your preferences, interests and other things you do on Facebook". If a person appeared in the app you like, just write him a short message to establish contact. It is also possible to show your interest by clicking on a "heart" icon. "Facebook Dating is not about sweeping someone or waiting for someone to love you for a first chance to reach out to them" explains the social network referring to how Tinder works, the application that has more than 4 millions of paying users.

Facebook Dating can suggest partners in your social circle (friends of friends for example) or draw from users outside your circle. "Facebook Dating will not associate you with friends. All your dating activities will stay in Facebook Dating. It will not be shared with the rest of  Facebook "reassures the American firm, aware of the fears generated by his project. Dating nevertheless draws its potential strength from the integration of other apps from Mark Zuckerberg's group, including Instagram. Like Tinder, Facebook Dating will offer its users to post on their profile images, videos or stories posted on their Instagram account. In the coming months, users will also be able to integrate a story posted on Facebook Messenger.

Facebook Dating is currently being rolled out in the United States and a dozen other countries. The service will be deployed in Europe early 2020. What do you think of this dating service? Are you ready to entrust your love life to Facebook after the various scandals that tainted his image? Are you going to delete your Tinder account to join Dating? We are waiting for your opinion in the comments below.

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