5G: between "fake news" and uncertainties, and its deployment worries

after 4G, our cell phones will soon convert to 5G, but is it really reasonable? NGOs demand a moratorium before its deployment in France. This new network "will tilt the planet and society into a world with consequences out of control". It is with this sentence, quite reassuring, that ten organizations call the authorities to face the arrival of the fifth generation of mobile phones.

Strong terms. Before mankind feared mad scientists and dictators, today you equip 5G, you download the Minions and the world rocking. In fact, what these NGOs criticize is the lack of information on this highly divisive subject.

We know that everything will go faster, but what will be the repercussions on the health of these additional waves? What are the ecological consequences of seeing these new antennas unfold? What effects on our daily life, already hyper-connected, which with the 5 G will become hyper "on" connected? These are all questions asked by these NGOs who are calling for a public debate before the new network becomes reality in France at the end of 2020, 2025. 
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Debates and uncertainties

Currently, 200 operators around the world offer 5G limited, especially in the United States and South Korea. A country is fully covered, it's Monaco. The 5G will allow you to go faster, to do medical operations from one country to another, to obtain data more quickly, to connect all the machines in the office with each other ...

But this massive connection worries. In Switzerland, one of the countries that have also been equipped with this technology, we protest, we ask for a moratorium and several projects of installation of 5G antennas have been stopped, especially under the influence of electro-sensitive people, who support very badly this new standard.

The real question is whether or not it is dangerous for your health. And on this subject, opinions are very divided. The World Health Organization has classified electromagnetic fields into probable carcinogens without extending its findings. So there is a lot of fake news on the subject on alternative sites talking about infertility, autism ... We do not know anything about it, we are talking about a new world report on the subject in 2021, at the moment where the 5G will be deployed. Note that the Chinese Huawei promises a 6G available in 10 years, and even in space. It smells of the extraterrestrial petition. 
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Most: a combination of cargo ships do not comply with anti-pollution standards

It is the British newspaper The independent which reveals it. To comply with the new environmental standards, shipowners have invested 11 billion to equip their air purification boats. The problem according to the publication these purifiers of a new kind will capture the harmful substances to evacuate them in the water. To protect the air by polluting the water, it is necessary to choose one's camp. 
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The rating: 4/20 for MP Delphine Batho

The elected Deux-Sèvres is standing up against the government over the fire of the factory in Rouen. It mentions risks minimized by the authorities. As she did when she was Minister of Ecology six years ago. Following a leak in the same factory in Rouen, she said that the government would give "all the guarantee of transparency on this subject". A change of opinion so radical, the smoke must really be toxic ... 

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