Microsoft's GitHub announces acquisition of Semele A code analysis tool that can detect potential security vulnerabilities

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Microsoft's GitHub announced that it has acquired Semmle, a code analysis tool that allows developers and security researchers to discover potential vulnerabilities in their code. Semmle greatly simplifies security testing and provides a query language that allows researchers to test their code using the service analysis engine. Over time, the GitHub team plans to tightly integrate Semmle into the GitHub workflow.

GitHub n'a pas révélé le prix de l'acquisition, mais Semmle, qui avait été initialement créée à partir d’un projet de recherche de l’université d’Oxford, a officiellement été lancée l'année dernière avec un tour de table de série B de 21 millions de dollars dirigé par Accel. Au total, la société a collecté 31 millions de dollars avant cette acquisition.  GitHub did not reveal the price of the acquisition, but Semmle, which was originally created from a research project at Oxford University, was officially launched last year with a round table $ 21 million Series B led by Accel. In total, the company raised $ 31 million before this acquisition.

A word from Semele

Barley Moor, founder and CEO of the company, commented on this acquisition in these terms:
"At the beginning of Semmle in 2006, we had the idea to make requests on the source code as on any other type of data. At the time, it seemed impossible to apply this idea in depth and on a large scale, and people told us in clear terms. However, thanks to our great team, our vision of "code as data" has become a product used by Google, Uber, Microsoft and many open source projects to improve security. In the past year alone, we have doubled the number of customers and multiplied by ten the use of free source code.

"By joining GitHub, we are taking another step in changing software development, allowing each developer to benefit from the expertise of the world's leading security researchers. I can not imagine a more appropriate recognition of the hard work of our team, nor a better opportunity to realize the full potential of vision and technology. "

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