Top 7 hacking movies

In any horror, action or thriller movie, there is always a moment that IT experts would rather qualify as part of a comedy. It can be the representation of the hacking of a central unit, a virus in action or anything else related to computers. The cleverest directors only show this part very briefly, while avoiding showing the computer screen, which could distract viewers from the plot. The reality is quite different, piracy does not look great, they have nothing spectacular work that can take days and nights presented in these films. This element makes us even more respectful towards filmmakers, who manage to make a film entirely based on topics related to computers and the network by embellishing the truth, and that while avoiding receiving too much criticism from professionals in the field.

Hackers (1995)


 The creators of this film avoid showing the piracy process during the majority of the film. They show a series of quick taps on the keyboard, some abstract visuals, nothing more. However, many of the hacks presented are quite plausible, and the hacker who speaks in the film is quite realistic: Unix books, weak passwords, and similar topics clearly indicate that the director and screenwriter have spent a lot of time studying the basics of piracy. It seems they just decided, that staging piracy from a realistic point of view was too boring.


Die Hard 4: Back to Hell (2007)

The famous action movies with Bruce Willis also include in their intrigues a lot of fun dialogues about cybersecurity and piracy themes, they turn out to be particularly excessive. Despite a large number of detailed tips, ie that it is possible to access a CCTV remotely and to control the traffic lights, it is really difficult to concretely realize all this, especially in time. wanted and with such a short time. In addition, it is difficult to control something remotely using the Internet. Given the fact that we have already seen examples of malware completely disrupt factories, in reality, this is not the most practical approach to infiltrate anything, especially when there is a specific delay.

Nevertheless, critical infrastructure requires protection from piracy and we should thank Bruce Willis for bringing this element to the attention of the public.


007:Skyfall (2012)

From the point of view of a geek, this film is memorable because of the difficult triggering of an explosion via the Internet and because of ideas that prove to be correct overall. Theft of top-secret information is already happening on the Internet, not on the service stairs where spies are hiding to avoid security personnel. Other fun scenes set the scene for hacking headquarters on a desert island. In fact, there is no benefit in building a data center on an isolated island in Asia, since it is easily identifiable and providing enough bandwidth is difficult. True hackers often hire the computing power needed in large cities, especially in Asia. Physical isolation is not recommended, the necessary protection is provided not the encryption.

Wargames( 1983)

A very old film still adored by geeks. The plot features young hackers who enter a powerful military computer by simply discovering that simulation games are installed there. By playing these games, the pirates do not realize that it is not a simulation and so they can launch real missiles, thus starting the third world war. The film shows real "stuff" of pirates of our times, like wardialing for example. But the main element of "Wargames" is wrong.

Internet is born as a military network, which is why the original internet protocols have minimal protection. It is assumed that any person accessing a computer terminal is three times more controlled by the security team in real life. Nowadays, this is obviously not true. Fortunately, the military pays a lot of attention to the evolution of the internet, so all military systems are "closed" - totally isolated from the internet.

Sneakers( 1992)

 The plot of the film was written by the authors of Wargames, mentioned earlier. This plot is built around "black boxes", which allow their owners to break any type of encryption. Of course, the secret services of any country seek to achieve this treasure, and the NSA plays a major role in this story. In reality, such devices are impossible to manufacture (in addition the NSA would not seek to get encrypted e-mail providers with such passion). On the other hand, showing social engineering techniques works perfectly - both in 1992 and 2013.

Matrix Reloaded ( 2003)


 The Matrix trilogy has tremendously increased the popularity of these simulated real philosophical currents, but geeks love this film because of its aesthetics. Of course, the plot is full of hackers, but they usually happen like magic, making hacking a Harry Potter spell. In general, the problem of "escaping from a mail box", which the Matrix hero tries to solve, actually exists, and modern malware often solves them in the form of exploits, ie, by Adobe Reader. But the creators of films have really thought about it - notably thanks to having shown the real usefulness of NMAP from time to time.


One point 0 (2004)

The highly refined plot of this film involves artificial intelligence, nano-robots, a corporate plot and of course, computer hacking. This is not a Hollywood movie, so the authors ignore the Hollywood tradition that wants to show the NMAP as the ultimate hack tool and instead shows a real source code of the online virus scanner called Viralator.

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