Video Games: The Difficult Beginnings Of Google Stadia In Cloud Gaming

With its streaming video game service " Google Stadia ", Google wanted to make a smashing entry into the video games industry , but she have a the difficult beginnings of Google Stadia in cloud gaming

Difficult Beginnings Of Google Stadia In Cloud Gaming

Bad beginning . Stadia , Google's "cloud gaming" service launched on Tuesday has a difficult start. The fault of a technology that is not yet fully developed

It was all the challenge of launching, for Google, this streaming video game service that allows you to do without a console or a computer. By demonstrating the viability of "cloud gaming" while this technology is still struggling to convince consumers, the company Montain View wanted to make a splash in the world of video games.

But everything suggests that this launch was somewhat premature. Despite the limitations posed by the firm - only the beneficiaries of a fixed broadband connection (10 MB per second, not 4G) can play in good conditions, he warned - the players have still observed some time latency or a graphic quality not always up to the promises. Defects that can cause a lot of frustration among the most demanding players, who are the main audience targeted by the proposed games catalog .

A paid beta version

For the specialist press, Stadia is more of a "paid beta" than a finished product, even if the technological leap - to run a very greedy game without a local machine - is staggering. Especially since many features are not yet available and it is necessary to be able to play on mobile, to have one of the models Pixel Google. The completed version of the service is expected for 2020.

For now, Google has not provided any figures around the launch of its new service. But according to Sensor Tower, the Google Stadia app needed to access the service would have been downloaded a total of 175,000 times in two days. This corresponds to the total number of potential players.

All these downloads do not correspond to a checkout. According to the site Kotaku, always very well informed on the sector, the pre-orders of the service would besides be below the objectives that would be fixed the company of Montain View.

Google Stadia is out today, and it already looks like a monumental flop. (I heard from one person involved that preorders were below expectations.) Question is, will they eventually stop trying to sell games and switch to an all-you-can-eat subscription model? Or just let it die? — Jason Schreier (@jasonschreier)

The group had also tried a last call, a few days before the launch of its service, adding ten more games to its catalog. A total of 22 titles are available on Stadia.

But to get them, you have to pay a high price, even though some of them were released several years ago on different platforms, and accessible at lower cost. Not to mention it must first pay 130 euros to receive the equipment (a controller and a Chromecast).

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  1. Although, I am not a gamer, I think that playing games in cloud is not a good idea, at least now. Anyway, I will also check it out.

  2. The breakthrough in cloud games will amaze all connoisseurs of such an industry. The best conditions for demanding players are a key criterion