Configure Your Linux Server Network Interface With This Python Script

First think you must do as a system administrator is to configure you Linux network interface , the only way to do it is by go to the /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts and create a file for your interface name then enter the variable = value , then you need to restart the network service that a long way so as a python student i make this simple python script that short all this way 

-the script is simple , before he create the the Network interface he check you root permission then he ask you to shutdown the NetworkManager (the GUI network interface recommended to shutdown it ) then he show you the network interfaces that  you have
-if all is good he create the file and ask you for the file variable value
-then he restart the network service 
i make it in Python in the tow version 2 and 3
you will find them here in my GitHub profile :
Py2_ifcng = LinuxInterfaceconfigPy2
Py3_ifng = LinuxInterfaceConfig.

Configure Linux Redhat network interface python Script

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  1. I personally always thought, that Linux has JavaScript, not Python. I was so wrong then. Thank you for sharing this explanation.

  2. Configuring the interface requires the use of appropriate programs. This operating system may require a completely different approach to the solution.